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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
Using BBcode
This guide outlines how BBcode works. Ideally you would use the buttons and lists above the message entry box to create the BBcode.

Formatting Text

Using BBcode you can format text using various tags, e.g. [b]bold[/b] would make the text Bold and [i]italic[/i] would make it italic The text formatting tags are outlined below:

  • [b][/b] - bold text
  • [i][/i] - italic text
  • [u][/u] - underline text
  • [left][/left] - left align text
  • [right][/right] - right align text
  • [center][/center] - center text
  • [justify][/justify] - fully justify text

Changing text font
To use a different font for part or all of your message use [font=font name]Text[/font] replacing 'font name' with the font of your choice.

Changing text color
To colorize your text use [color=hex code]Text[/color] where hex code is the hexadecimal code for the color you wish to use e.g. [color=#FF0000] is red, [color=#0000FF] is blue and [color=#000000] is black (invalid codes default to black). A list of common color hex codes is available here

Changing text size
To resize the text use [size=size in pixels] replacing 'size in pixels' with the text you require. The default size is 11 pixels

All text formatting BBcode tags can be combined with each other so Bold Italic Size 24pixels Blue text, right aligned written in Courier would be [b][i][size=24][color=#0000FF][right][font=Courier]Text[/font][/right][/color][/size][/i][/b] and appear as


Adding links
A link can be added into a post in several ways. If you wish to add a clickable text link like '' use this code [url][/url].
If you wish to put a link behind a text use this code [url=]this site[/url] appears as this site

The same can be done for links to email addresses e.g. [email][/email] or []email someone[/email]

Creating lists You can created ordered or unordered lists using [ul][/ul] or [ol][/ol] respectively. Items in the list are tagged using [*][/*]
e.g. [ul][*]Item 1[/*][*]Item 2[/*][*]Item 3[/*][/ul] would appear as

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

Miscellaneous BBcode
To add a picture, just place the URL of the image between [img][/img] tags e.g. [img][/img]

To add a quote place the quote in [quote][/quote] tags. If you press the quote button on a post it will enter these tags for you

If you want horizontally scrolling text you can place the text between [move][/move] tags

Offtopic text can be placed using [offtopic][/offtopic] tags or you can just use an offtopic smilie if one is available

If you want to post code for help with programming or a bug fix you can use [code][/code] tags

Using Smilies
Smilies can be inserted by either clicking the image under the message box or entering the text.

Default smilies codes include:

  • :) - a happy face which is replaced by smile
  • :( - a frown which is replaced by frown
  • ;) - a wink which is replaced by wink

RSS Feeds
The RSS icon indicates there is an RSS Feed available.

This allows you to keep track of new topics or posts without visiting the forum.

Just click on the image and subscribe to the feed using your browser or paste the URL into the RSS Reader software you are using.

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